Friday, 11 October 2013

Tartan trend.

tartan trousers - Topshop

orange woollen tartan skirt - Topshop

pink chiffon tartan skirt - Topshop

tartan coat - Topshop

greet tartan kilt skirt - (similar) New Look

Winter is my favourite time of year, always has been, always will be! Tartan is such a wintery pattern and I'm not sure why. It seems to circulate most winters and I always look in wonder at all the beautiful tartan collections appear on the runway. Last, year I bought a pair of grungy looking tartan jeans from Topshop and this year I've bought a lovely tartan skirt which looks more sophisticated. I can tell you that I'm pretty into the tartan trend and will hopefully be building my wardrobe around this trend for winter. I'm planning on purchasing the kilt-like baby pink and baby blue one and also the woollen white and orange one this weekend (AND perhaps the coat, if I have enough money!)
Whether it's a top, a coat, a skirt... there's definitely something to please everyone in this trend and can transform an outfit. 

My take on the tartan trend...

turtle neck - H&M, belt - Primark, skirt - Zara, shoes - Dr.Martens, necklace - H&M, watch - Casio

I am absolutely in love with this Zara tartan skirt. It's not just that I'm obsessed with the current tartan trend but also the zips and the structure which is a twist to the normal, classic, kilt-like tartan skirt. However, I do often think that if you wear it in the wrong way... you can look like a slutty school girl gone wrong (especially, if you're as blind as a bat like me so have to wear glasses!) so I paired it with my chunky doc's to make this as far from school girl as possible.

Have you been obsessing over this trend? Post your tartan outfit links below and I'll take a look! 

G xxx

ps. You can probably tell that my new favourite shooting place is the stump in my back garden where my beautiful monkey puzzle tree used to be! As weird as it sounds... I miss that tree. Yes, I miss a tree. I'm a strange one. 

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