Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday Outfit #2

This is another one of my holiday outfits, but this is from the evening's as it was FAR too hot during the day time to wear trousers (I'm not complaining though - I was thankful to get a little bit of sun, even if there was a heat wave in England at the same time!)

I absolutely love these trousers! I bought them from H&M just before my holiday. They remind me a little of pyjama pants (I love this trend, which can be seen in Zara, because it's so damn comfy!) because they're casual and can just be slipped into, they've turned into my 'in-doubt' trousers. I love the colour of them because I'm a huge fan of dark clothes but they liven up my mainly black wardrobe and the pattern is quite delicate in a way. I'd probably wear them completely different at home but considering I was in a country where if I wore anything else I'd melt, I just paired them with my topshop crop top and plain white sandals, keeping the focus of my outfit on my gorgeous new trousers.

Have any of you tried the Zara pyjama trousers? I bought them on sale but the cut didn't suit me :( 

G xxx 

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