Sunday, 4 August 2013

Holiday Outfit #3 x monochrome

hat - Calvin Klein, vest - New Look, skirt - Primark, shoes - unknown french shop

I felt very Rihanna in this outfit combo (except the hat - I've never seen her in a fedora! Although she could definitely pull it off). The side-slit skirt has been seen on her multiple times and she even released a few in her River Island collection, she has also released and worn a couple of tee's with the knot in! However, I think charging around £20 for a plain tee with a knot in it a little extortionate and so I just created my own from a cheap New Look vest! 

(I think that top is very Cara, very cheeky!!)

Are you still into the monochrome trend? I love it!! 

G xxx

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