Friday, 25 October 2013


leather jacket - vintage, shirt - Zara, jeans - Topshop, shoes - Office

Short monochrome post... 

I wear black an awful lot, but today I decided to jazz it up with some 'colour' ... white because I'm still not over this monochrome trend (probably because I always wear black anyway haha!) I love this black and white shirt, it's so crisp and looks like a tuxedo but with the colours inverted and because it's white, it goes with everything! 

More and more to my delight, it matches my new shoes! How cute are they by the way?! I remember being in Cannes during the summer and going past the Celine shop and gawping at the amazing display which included the gorgeous black and white heeled loafers but some of you young bloggers/blog readers will understand... a few hundred pounds isn't really in price range for me so I went on my way and cried my self to sleep over the fact that I couldn't have those perfect shoes (ok, that was a slight over exaggeration... but you get my drift). UNTIL, I came across these shoes in Office which were £62... a bargain compared to the real deal. The loafer with just the right sized heel so I can walk around town for a whole shopping day and not be uncomfortable, perfect. Not only that, but when I went to pay I discovered that they had been reduced by more than 50% to £26! I was so thrilled, as you can all imagine. If you want to pick up the same bargain, click here or alternatively see below and admire the true Celine's. Try not to drool all over your keyboard.

G xxx


  1. Love the post!
    Amazing Pics
    Love it <3

  2. Great post! I love monochrome its the majority of my outfit posts over on
    how dreamy are those zara wedges too!!


    1. thanks! Love monochrome, probably my favourite trend... still!x

  3. Love this look grace! You look gorge. Xx