Saturday, 26 October 2013

The 'Think pink (but never wear it)' debate

Following all my favourite bloggers on Instagram and blog lovin' (Follow my blog with Bloglovin) made me incredibly jealous of them all at #LFW and #NYFW etc.  However, my jealousy was overwhelmed by the feeling of awe I felt when I saw all of the gorgeous outfit's that my favourite bloggers and fashion queen's wore as well as the newest collections of course, which were sprawled across my feed. Not to mention the fact that with the new instagram video, we could practically see the shows (yes!)

Anyway, we all know the famous quote from Karl Lagerfeld 'think pink, but don't wear it' and being fashion king, we'd usually abide by his rules... but not this season. the latest trend that everyone's loving is pink... of every shade, whether it's fluffy or structured.

I couldn't help but love J JS Lee's collection and so I've taken a few of my favourite pieces in the collection to show you...

J JS Lee

I also absolutely love the simple but effective structures used in this collection. The cute curved hem at the bottom of the top's is unusual but simple and compelling. I also love the structure of the sleeves on the second piece I showed you, they give some shape and a care-free nature to the otherwise very straight outfit.

I'm currently looking for a pink statement coat, as to jazz up a (most likely) black outfit (that seems to be all I wear nowadays... well less is more as some people say). BUT as I've said before, there's no way I can afford the likes of J JS Lee so I'll be looking out for this lovely colour in my high street shops! For examples of other pink statement garments, take a look here, here and here. Unfortunately, all of those previous links are from the Topshop Unique collection and so they're still very expensive (for me anyway). So I thought I'd do a more reasonably priced wish list for myself and show you guys...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

G xxx

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