Thursday, 8 August 2013

Holiday Outfit #5 x block colours

top - Zara, jacket - H&M, trousers - Mango, shoes - unknown

As I said in my last post I love wearing bright colours on holiday simply because I never/hardly wear them at home.. I'd much rather stick to the classic BLACK. However, here I am blocking colours like there's no tomorrow. I absolutely love this top, I bought it last year from Zara in the sale for £7! Bargain. And it fits right in with the current athletic trend because it kinda resembles a basketball tee to me (just add a number on the back and you're sorted). It's also perfect for summer because the holes make it so cool so even in this heat wave, you can wear it with out melting! This was obviously an evening outfit though because otherwise I would have melted, especially in the trousers and jacket! 

G xxx

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