Friday, 20 February 2015

Victoria Beckham - NYFW

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Before the show, Victoria Beckham claimed that after 7 years in the fashion industry, she is "evolving and translating" her signature dress and is now entering the unentered waters (for Beckham) of masculinity and oversized knitwear and coats. She claimed that "It is not about one theme - but instead thinking about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel. For me it is a collection full of possibilities" and she accentuated that point by adding that the garments should go "straight from the catwalk to one of my ladies" which made me imagine a very wearable, flattering and powerful collection. 

Whilst her collection was different to her previous ones, body-hugging garments still appeared but A-line dresses with asymmetrical hems also graced the runway. According to Beckham, she "wanted to play and have fun" and similar to her thoughts, I think you can definitely see this in her collection, especially in comparison to her last season (even though I still quite enjoyed her previous collection.) The use of slits and cut outs result in a sexy line up whilst draping, twisting and deconstructing then reworking her garments created a garment which was alluring in a completely different way.

According to a source, after the show VB stated that "bounce" would be the one word which she would use to describe her collection and followed by explaining "by bounce, I mean fabrics that are young and fresh" and "I love the texture. They're light as well. It's very important that, yes, these things look good on the catwalk, but I'm selling clothes all around the world. I have to take into account the weight of fabrics. So that bouncy fabric is really nice and wearable." 

My favourite parts of the show: the oversized knit (seen in the last picture) - can I have one in every colour please? I also love the peek-a-boo cut outs at the waist close to the belt. 

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