Thursday, 19 February 2015

Alexander Wang - NYFW

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Wang left his "athleisure" aesthetic at home on this collection. 'Back to Goth' is what I thought about instantly, when I saw the first look. I love collections that are devoted to the shade of black being my favourite colour and so Wang stated that "Our customer wants black, so why not do an all-black collection?" I knew I'd be in for a treat. 

Wang chose to 'jazz' up the all black ensembles by embellishing them continually and heavily with cut outs on certain dresses and ball-chain trim on the velvet tuxedo jackets and silk robes. Combining clashing textures helped the outfits come alive, using leather, chain mail, chain fringe, quilt etc. The boxy structure of the top halves and the fluid skirts also clash and make the collection what it is. There were a couple of black knits but the cream fisherman jumper really grabbed the eyes attention, especially because it was paired with blue distressed mom jeans and so clashed with the otherwise entirely black collection - not sure if I liked that - but it didn't seem completely out of place due to the continued use of ball-chain detailing. These pieces were more wearable than some of the other outfits though, especially the see through chain mail dress. 

The black palette and rich use of fabrics and textures gave a sophisticated collection which was ultimately, more feminine that his usually boy-ish luxe sportswear. 


  1. Love the new collection and I agree it's much more feminine. x