Thursday, 15 January 2015

Caribbean: Grand Turk

Happy boxing day ;)

Grand Turk was beautiful. Really clear beautiful water and perfectly white sand. The water was awfully shallow though and pretty crapola for snorkelling... especially when you see all the urchins! They were huge too! There was one bigger than my head so I didn't go snorkelling for long after seeing them haha. Been stabbed before, didn't want that to happen again. 

The only problem with Grand Turk was that there wasn't all that much to do. It was a very resorty island, and being the smallest of all the islands we visited (less than 10 miles in diameter), you could either subathe on the beach..... or sunbathe at the pool. Those were the only 2 options really haha, and it was so expensive! £10 for a smoothie.... erm no. 

Gee xxx

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