Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Menswear: London.

Thought I'd share my favourites from LCM with you guys. As some of you may know, I am hoping to study fashion design: womenswear but I do still love looking at the menswear collections especially due to the ever diminishing line between male and female fashion, which personally I love. I have also loved the increased amount of female models I have seen walking within the men's collections. 

Todd Lynn

I'm a sucker for a monochrome palette, which initially I thought this was so I was already intrigued but then the hints of colour came through in the form of khaki (and a much more bold, brighter lime green) and blue. Todd Lynn is known for his androgynous, crisp tailoring and he didn't disappoint the fans as that is what he delivered, with a twist. As I said above, I love when females walk alongside males as models for mens collections and this is also a reason why the collection was more appealing to me. He had done this in 2011 and since had left it as just men models so it was nice to see the female models return. 

I loved the addition of shearling (in a variety of colours. Amazing), leather, ribbed knits and fringing which all added to the textures with a rather basic palette. I want one of those low cut suits with the fringing!! 

Agi & Sam

According to an article I read, this whole collection began "with a trip to Agi's family home in Yorkshire. His mother showed them some drawings of a clothing range he'd designed when he was four years old. It was called "The Coolman Collection". YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE (sorry, that had to be added). I love the Lego masks, which clearly represent that they recreated his childhood designs, and brought a childish fun humour to the collection which you can always expect from an Agi & Sam collection. Apparently, the pair actually contacted their primary schools and asked current pupils to get involved in pattern cutting by "giving them deconstructed garments with velcro to piece back together" almost like a really rubbish jigsaw. I'm currently doing a project at college for my foundation degree based upon the idea of "dissection" so this really interested me and actually opened my mind to some other ideas. 

It was also the colours and the mix-matching of them that really caught my eye at the beginning. I'm mainly interested in monochrome and so this surprised me but I feel like these colours shouldn't work together, yet they do. Especially since they're not merging, they're blocks of colour placed next to each other rather "randomly". I'm slowly becoming more interested in the idea of colour, with help from college. 

I also love the over size feel to all the garments. Leather jackets, trousers, jumpers, you name it, all over sized. Playful. Me gusta. 

What were you favourite collections from London?

G xxx

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