Sunday, 11 January 2015

Caribbean: Dominica

This was my Christmas Eve... just sayin'. Be jealous. We did the usual and got a taxi for the day for all 10 of us and did the excursion that sounded the most interesting on the brochure but organised it by ourselves at a much cheaper price. It was called "white rafting" and all 10 of us went up high into the hills, into the rain forest and got 3 locals, who did this once to five times a day (what a life to lead!), who helped us little tourists safely float down the river. It was fun the entire time and for the most part, calm and relaxing, allowing us to fully soak up the landscape which was lovely but sometimes quite rough (when I say rough - it was probably relatively still pretty calm haha). It was thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone!

On the way to the rafting, our taxi driver drove us to "Mr. Happy" a man who provided fresh food/drink and entertained for absolutely free, only wanting tips (if you felt like giving one, there was absolutely no pressure, which I liked). He wasn't pushy, which I feel happens a lot with people who work for tips, which was a change and entertained so much that everyone wanted to give him huge tips! He was hilarious. We tasted fresh sugar cane juice (mixed with fresh grape fruit juice afterwards which was a very nice mix of sweet and sour), fresh and dried coconut, fried coconut mixed with sugar cane juice (YUM)... the list could go on.

What a perfect Christmas Eve.

Gee xxx

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