Monday, 12 January 2015

Caribbean: St. Kitts

This is where we were on the 29th of December - my brother's birthday, and what a place to be on your birthday. The monkey is the symbol for St. Kitts and as soon as you arrive on the island you'll see why. There are monkeys everywhere! In the city/main square, it's mainly baby monkeys in t-shirts held by locals trying to make money, feeding them until they don't want anymore food so that they'll take photos with tourists (cry) but once you're exploring the wilderness or even at the beach, wild (but harmless) monkeys roam wild and free amongst humans. It was brilliant. We wanted to do zip-lining on the island, as we did that when we last visited the Caribbean on Elliot's 10th birthday (lucky sod) but unfortunately zip-lining is a kind of monopoly out in St. Kitts and on days when the cruise arrives, the cruise liner buys all the places on the zip-lining so that wasn't possible. Instead we went to a lovely beach. It was quite touristy but our taxi driver ensured us that it was a long, walkable coast line to a nearby quieter beach stop. There was numerous little bars and restaurants along the way before we reached one that resembled something more than a shack. It was really cool and we ordered some food after having a go on some jet-skis. I had ribs but all the food was delicious. It was nice to just chill on the hammock whilst soaking up some sun. There was urchin's occupying these waters too but only in a certain area so although you had to be careful, there was plenty of places where there wasn't any urchins. There wasn't many other creatures about though so snorkelling was a bit of a fail. 

Gee xxx

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