Thursday, 4 December 2014


I know I know, naughty Grace. This post is almost half a year late but my laptop was restored and I thought I'd lost all my photos and they have only just been recovered so I DO have a genuine reason for not posting this post sooner! I wanted to just wrap up the last bit of my holiday to Italy in Summer in a couple of posts which I'll be doing in the next few days. 

Beginning of le road trip back up to Pisa. As it was cloudy a few days before, on the way up to Bari, we stopped off at Mount Vesuvius and climbed to the peak (much to the rest of my family's dismay as I was the one pushing to do this haha. In fact, my dad didn't go all the way to the top!) I have always wanted to do this after many years of geography lessons and learning tectonics. It's a great thing to do and the view is absolutely amazing the whole way up, but especially at the peak. However, I'd only suggest doing it in sturdy trainers (the gravel is quite skiddy) and take some water.

After, we got back into the car and travelled back to the lovely town of Sorrento for lunch as we loved it on our first quick visit. 

Can I just bring your attention to the fact that my sandwich hasn't been touched yet, when my brother has finished him. It reminds me of that friends episode when Ross says "I was brought up with Monica, if you didn't eat fast.. you didn't eat!" haha. 

We just had a quick lunch as we wanted to have another wander around the little town. We stopped at at a brilliant Gelateria and headed to Bari. 

I really loved Sorrento but definitely feel like I need to visit again, for a much longer time (a long weekend perhaps or 5 days), in order to really appreciate the culture and the town more! 

I've discovered that shortly I'll be going on a holiday around the Caribbean and the islands surrounding. I'll be posting our plan shortly. Please inform me if theres anything I should be doing whilst there! 

Gee xxx

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