Friday, 28 November 2014

LDN round up

I went to London 2 weeks ago and since, college has been non-stop and so I just thought I'd do a quick post rounding up my time in London. I love London, literally everything about it: the culture, the galleries, the atmosphere, the diversity etc etc so when I got work experience at River Island HQ (buying department) I was thrilled as it meant I got to spend some time in my favourite city! The work experience was absolutely great. I learnt so much more than I thought I would and was actually given reasonably interesting and challenging tasks that  tested me as an intern, especially considering I was only there for a week (I wish it was longer) and the whole team was great (they even bought me a little McFlurry, hence the photo haha). 

On the tuesday night, I met up with my best friend who lives down south who I hadn't seen in ages so instantly my week was off to a great start. We wandered around Soho looking for food and then ended up eating at a diner, ironically called "The Diner". We then walked around Topshop and Oxford Street until sadly parting ways again.

On Wednesday night, as you'd seen in my previous post was a manic rush after work to the Motel Rocks event which was excellent. 

On the thursday, I went around all the galleries and museums I possibly could run around in 1 single day including - the Tate, the Saatchi (which had been taken over by Rolls Royce), White Cube etc, I went to the CSM open day and then at night, I rushed over to see the poppies before heading to Carnaby Street where they were holding a Christmas street party (I had no idea so it was absolutely PACKED) with music etc so it was relatively hard to move around in the shops unfortunately and the queues were huge so I walked away with nothing (unusual for me and London shopping...) and then headed to the store opening of Lisa King's Star Store. 

Wish I could have spent more time there but hoping to return soon! 

Gee xxx

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