Monday, 13 October 2014

Camel means Autumn right?

cape - charity shop, bralet - CelebLook*, skirt - Zara, shoes - FCUK via*

I was lucky enough to receive two packages through the mail last week which due to my spending ban (which is going pretty terribly) meant one thing: blogger mail. Wooo! What made it even better was that I received them when I was hungover which ever so slightly lifted my mood. 

I've become a huge fan of bralets, sporting a black one or a white one quite frequently with my outfits but with the cold setting in, they've been pushed aside to make room for the coats and big knit jumpers. I'm so excited to style this beautiful lace one by CelebLook in different ways throughout Autumn in order to show you all how you can pull one off during the colder months. I'm hoping to wear it under (or perhaps over..hmm) a crisp white shirt. 

Camel is the colour which embodies Autumn in my opinion. I know for a fact that when I bring out that camel coat or the cape that Autumn has officially sunk in and it's becoming chilly outside (A/W is definitely my favourite time of year for style and fashion!) which is why I was so happy when GetTheLabel sent me these nude heels, I don't have any nude ones as I've been looking for the perfect pair for ages that work with camel (as I've got millions of black heels) and I haven't found any that I could wear out for drinks but also could wear for around town. These have a chunky heel so are super easy to walk in and the contrast between the leather on the heel and the suede on the outside of the shoe give it a lovely detail. 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post a lot this week for many reasons: college work built up, I took my Mac in for repair and it's super rainy and dreary in Leeds so blog pictures look ugly so I'm waiting for a little bit of sunshine. 

G xxx

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