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NYFW: 8th September

Carolina Herrera

Herrera is known for her elegant and feminine designs and this season is no other. All her designs are absolutely stunning. I'm not a huge fan of floral print but these single flower prints are interesting and powerful, especially with the deep pinks and purples against the clean white of the dress. Another feature I find interesting about this collection is the idea of a "broken vase" and more geometric cut out shapes used on jackets and then to make the usual floral print a little bit more abstract and interesting, whilst still being able to comprehend that it's a feminine floral print.

Ohne Titel

Black and white and cross over straps are the focus of this Titel collection. The collection is also complimented by various shades of blue and pink as well as coloured animal prints. I love the sportif feel to the collection too. 

These were my favourite pieces of the collection. 


You all must be bored of seeing black and white now haha (I hope you're not bored of the monochrome trend... I'm certainly not). the collection is made slightly more colourful by the splashes of blues (which seems to be the colour for S/S 15) and the multicoloured see-through mesh pieces (in many forms such as jackets, crop tops, pencil skirts, hoodies) which catch the attention in this collection. Michelle Smith, designer of Milly, also used a lot of mesh and clashing patterns with regard to the laser cut patterned garments.

My favourite pieces in this collection have to be the looks with garments that have the portrait illustrations on them. Very McCartney-esque. Beautiful. 

3.1 Phillip Lim

I'm always a huge fan of the 3.1 Phillip Lim collections and this season was no exception, in fact it is clear to see why. The collection was full of pieces which didn't quite "fit together" and felt slightly lopsided, if that's what you could call it, certainly the jackets. However, I liked this take on the usual smart casual jacket; It gives it a little bit of interest and a flowing motion that connects well to the rest of the pieces in that look. 

I love the large baroque curl prints which feature in the collection and as I've said before, teal is my favourite colour and it is clearly used extensively in this runway show.

Lim's collections are always different and the collection as a whole previews many trends such as powerful baroque prints, florals and "geometric embossed organza" which showed the playfulness Lim had whilst experimenting with textiles and contrasting fabrics. 

Rag & Bone

Fashion week is all about the glamour and showing off what you can do and that YOU can do it best, causing some designers to go "OTT" and so, it was nice and refreshing to see that Marcus Wainwright and Davis Neville created a show which was stripped down to basics and actually present a collection which was entirely wearable, practicable and relatable whilst keeping to natural fibres through the entire show. 

Neville and Wainwright utilised blue, white, black and beige in abundance, favouring a natural palette and created a unique leafy print that was subtle and elegant. 

Whilst for the most part, the collection presented pieces which created more of a spacious silhouette, the occasional low V neckline or hint of leather allowed femininity and sexiness to shine through together whilst also keeping the designs very wearable and casual... and on the most part, unisex haha. 

My favourite pieces from the collection were the very first pieces which focused on the indigo dyed cotton look.

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