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NYFW: 9th September

Timo Weiland

Inspired by the back gardens, or as they would say "backyards" of L.A., this collection is full of lovely summer colours such as pale pink, cream, baby blue as well as black and navy and big beautiful palm tree and floral prints.

There was a lot of sheer in this runway show, which I adore... especially the crackled effect. The collection also featured a lot of high slits (see the first picture - brave woman), silk trench coats ( I want the baby blue one to be MINE) and a few crop tops! So keep your eyes peeled for them, come spring. 

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela

Although  I've always like Margiela, after researching it thoroughly for my A-Level textiles project, I've become obsessed. This collection was one of a kind. It opened with an elegant metallic silk shirt and trouser combo and then slowly transitioned into a cowboy theme. Some of these pieces were a too cowboy for me (suede chaps and latex bandana crops, for example) and I wasn't a fan but with the majority of looks, the slight hint at cowboys was subtle and chic for example, I loved the white shirt which was covered slightly by a tan suede vest jacket. The collection which provided plenty of suede, fringing, patchwork and denim then transformed back to the silky co-ords which looked like comfy silk pyjamas or lace nighties and then calmed into sophisticated black and white pieces which were a little more laid back and wearable, that I loved.

I love his big crispy white shirt dresses. I need. 

Vera Wang

Elegance is never too far when you hear the name Vera Wang and with this collection, inspired by 18th century France, this is certainly a romantic, sophisticated collection. Unlike Wang's usual style (which is praised by many, as people dream of wearing Wang down the aisle to their imaginary perfect husband), this collection was almost entirely black. Not that there's anything wrong with black, in fact I love it but this was unmarked territory for Wang but she OWNED it. The collection was somewhat dark and the models resembled vampires or zombies in my opinion, with the use of pale make up and pink and dark purple smokey eye make up.

The collection isn't all moody and serious, there are many playful dresses some of which feature beautiful crystal like fronts, cute cami tops which textured layering and luxurious and classy full length floral dresses (although the floral prints stay relatively dark in comparison to the usual floral prints that Wang may use) towards the end of the show which remind the audience why she is the queen of elegance. 


This collection was super busy and featured a hell of a lot of stuff - pierced eyebrows, 308 pounds of Swarovski crystals, floaty mermaid asymmetrical hems and a mixture of textures. Sisters and designer duo who make up Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, delivered a sparkling mermaid inspired collection on Tuesday. 

The collection began with a number of black and white nautical pirate-esque looks, with tight trousers, mid-thigh lace up boots and layered sheer ruffled shirts and accessorised with silky scarves. We then transform into blues and golds and a mermaid look with dresses which grow longer and more floaty which contrast textures as they are laced with layered with fishnet and Swarovski crystal.

Being a massive fan of 'The Little Mermaid' (I am a little old for it to be my favourite movie, I know... but I don't care ha!), I adored every piece in this beautiful collection.

What I loved most was the pierced eyebrows. They were so cool and different, although I don't think I'll be catching onto that look!   

Oscar De La Renta

With his inspiration being the outdoors, this collection predominantly features laser cutting, sheer lace, pink and baby blue hues (especially in gingham print), embellishment and intricate florals on playful outfits, sweet cocktail dresses and sophisticated yet colourful and exciting evening gowns. The colours certainly screamed spring but when you go to a ODLR show, everyone knows the real show starts when the models come strutting down the runway in their evening gowns which were finished with all the grace you would expect from an ODLR show. No doubt, we'll be seeing a few of these gowns on the red carpet next awards season.


Prabal Gurung has created a collection which is "more relaxed, with more colour" according to the man himself, whilst presenting a sporty aesthetic. The wearable collection is packed full of long silhouettes and comfy looks. 

The show began with entirely white looks, featuring see through mesh, allowing the audience to see the skin under the fabric and then transformed into completely black outfits and black and white pieces. The collection transitioned into the colourful runway show that Gurung promised after these monochrome looks, presenting blues, teal, burnt orange and bronze. The pieces also started to have a key detail - fringing (which I've seen on a lot of runways for S/S, so keep an eye out), creating an extra dimension in terms of movement as the models "strutted their stuff" haha. 

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