Saturday, 16 August 2014

"Are you going on a run like that?" "No, Mum"

shoes - Primark, shorts - Charity Shop, top - Miss Guided, jacket - Whistles 

Sorry I haven't managed to post in ages. I promised myself that I was going to post every day in Summer but I had rubbish wifi when I went on holiday to Italy and during my inter-railing holiday I was just too busy and since then I've received my results and then partied (celebrating, not drowning my sorrows fortunately). I will be sticking to my promise... from now, including travel posts. 

When I came down the stairs my mum actually asked me whether I was going running or not... in her defence, I was stood behind the counter and so she didn't see the shoes but still, it made me laugh. 

I understand where she's coming from though, since when did running shorts become fashun? To be honest, I just find them comfy as hell and I think with a less sport-luxe top etc, I think they can work well just as a laid back kind of outfit. I've made this sporty outfit a little less 'I'm-ready-to-go-for-a-run' by adding my heels but for extra comfort, I think that my Roshe's would look just as cool and give off a similar, more sporty vibe.

I managed to pick these shorts up for £2 from my local charity shop. I love charity shops. That is all.  

G xxx

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