Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to Black

bra - H&M, vest - H&M, jeans - Topshop, bag - L. K. Bennett, shoes - Dr. Martens, coat - second hand (Zara), collar - Zara.

I'm still in the process of writing all my millions of travel posts from my 5 week (overall) holiday and I'm so excited to post them when they're all done! However, for now... here's an outfit post. I love styling one colour, I feel as if I can throw in a mixture of textures and the outfit will be just as exciting as an outfit thats got a mixture of colours. Fur, mesh, satin and leather. 

Note to self: NEVER wear Dr. Martens, that you are yet to wear in, to town when you are going to be constantly walking around handing out CV's. It was possibly the worst pain of my entire life and people kept looking at me funny because of my limp. BUT, how cute do my shoes look with this outfit. That little pop of colour really ties up the whole outfit for me, especially due to the fact that they match my lipstick.

I have to just leave you with this short post, even though it's my first one in a while, because I have a job interview at Topshop... lets all pray I get the job!! 

G xxx

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