Saturday, 5 July 2014

1 dress 4 occasions

dress - SheInside, necklaces - H&M

I really like basic staple pieces which you can just dress up differently for any occasion. This white racer back swing dress was from SheInside for $16.99 on presale so I popped it in my basket along with about 15 other things I was buying. SheInside, like Choies, is a new favourite of mine where I love to pick up bargains! I thought I'd show you different ways on how I'd dress up this dress. 

#1: lunch date 

coat - SheInside, shoes - Primark, bag - Mango

 I love all white ensembles, so this is a perfect outfit for me. I like the fact that the coat is just slightly longer than the dress and the long V neck of the coat really mixes well with the turtle neck of the dress. I also love varying the length of the jacket by slipping it around my hips to create a more chilled out look. The black bag breaks up the white I think. 

#2: festival

jacket -H&M, bag - Mango, shoes - Primark

I love this jacket which I got for just £15 in sale at H&M. It looks fantastic with basically everything whether it be maxi dresses, distressed shorts etc. you name it and it looks particularly festival-esque due to the fringing. For a festival, I would recommend not wearing birkenstocks (or dupes, in my case) but I just wanted to show off my new shoes haha. I'd opt for some matte leather docs instead (which I vow by for festivals - I was the ONLY one of my friends to have dry feet the entire weekend of Leeds Fest, and they had wellies on!) or some khaki or black wellies, if that's more your style. 

#3: casual

jacket - vintage via Depop, bag - L.K. Bennett, shoes - Primark

You can't go wrong with a vintage denim jacket can you?

#4: date/going out

kimono - Miss Guided, shoes - Primark, harness - DIY 

After my brother (my photographer) took all my photos, I decided I wanted to add a harness to this outfit to make it a bit more daring and more 'me' but my brother god angry that he'd have to take all the photos again haha, so there are just a few at the end to show how I might wear it. My A2 textiles project was based around Zana Bayne's harnesses so I made this one myself. Check out Zana Bayne, her stuff is inspirational.  

This is my last post before I jet off to Italy for 2 weeks! Woop. I'm going to try blog from over there too but it'll only be possible if I get wifi! 

Which is your favourite look?

G xxx

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