Thursday, 3 July 2014

Harper's Bazaar: Arabia

All photos from google.

I personally think that Rihanna is a very controversial subject: people either love her or hate her, especially after her 'shocking' outfit at the CFDA's where she collected the Style Icon Award (if you want to see Anna Wintour's introduction speech and Rihanna's acceptance speech click here). I love her and I loved the entirely sheer Adam Selman gown she wore, I think it was extremely dangerously daring and a little over-the-top but it completely suits her personality and I think only she could pull it off (well) which is the the main reason that she deserved to win this award. On the other hand, many ridiculed the ensemble. 

Her most recent shoot that I have seen has been for Harper's Bazaar: Arabia under the title 'The New Modesty, Cover Up in Style'. In my opinion, Rihanna does naked just as tastefully as clothed and I feel as if she's trying to prove a point to everyone who slated her for her CFDA gown. She rocks it. She looks perfect in every single photo. Bravo Queen Rih. 

A year ago I went to Morocco, and Rihanna's shoot reminded me of this holiday. They're both Islamic countries and so the style of Rihanna's shoot just instantly brought back all these memories. The buildings are so beautiful with their geometric patterns and enticing colours and I was absolutely amazed by the different culture so I thought I'd share a few pictures, as I'm trying to subtly mix the fashion aspect of my blog with the travel posts. 

 Sorry about the photo heavy post, I just couldn't choose... all the patterns are so beautiful.

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