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So, after seeing what seems like a million prom pictures from both my own leavers do and multiple other schools too, I have been pretty inspired to do a 'prom' post with the different kinds of routes you can go down for the perfect prom outfit. If my dad is reading this, he will probably kill me... he hates the word 'prom', insisting that, being from the UK, we should never say prom because we're not American, opting to use Leavers instead haha. Anyway, here's my ideas:

Outfit #1: Glittery

dress - Karen Millen, bag - Mango, shoes - eBay, jacket - vintage

For the first prom outfit is based around this sparkly number. I do feel as if sometimes, on the wrong dress or with the wrong accessories, sequins can look over the top and, frankly, tacky. However, I do like this dress because of the low back and the V front and this with minimal/no accessories, I think this dress can 'wow'. I paired this number with my new textured black from Mango and my monster boots and leather jacket to keep this outfit 'me', as I'm not a very glizty person. Also, I kept make up minimal with plain, nude lips and nudey brown  natural eye shadow so that the look isn't over powering. 

Outfit #2: on trend X mesh

dress - H&M, bag - Choies, shoes - gift (Lola Cruz) 

 Mesh is really in style at the moment, you can literally find it anywhere on the high street (my favourite place for it at the moment is Hot Mesh Clothing and it's affordable too, but you can find some really great stuff on eBay!). So if you're one to sticking to trends this is a great dress to wear. This one I bagged from H&M for £14.99 last season and it's great for prom because it's long and has a slit but I've seen multiple on ASOS etc. so check it out!

This is my new favourite bag! It's from the God send that is honestly if you haven't been on that website, do! It has free shipping (even though it takes approximately 2 weeks) and it's the BEST for bargains. I did a haul a few weeks ago, which is when I bought this bag so you should be seeing more of Choies soon. The only problem with this bag is that I actually get bag searched whenever I go into a bar/club which has never happened to me before haha so I will NOT be taking it to the airport with me when I fly off to Italy. *Insert crying laughing emoji face*. Otherwise, I opted for gold accessories, including a gold cuff, some rings and a necklace.

Make up wise, I went for a light brown lips (A just little bit darker that Mac's Taupe) and went for a matching dark brown eye shadow.

(ignore my blisters hahaha)

Outfit #3: Colour Block

dress - H&M, bag - Primark, shoes - Primark, necklaces & rings - H&M 

I don't often wear a lot of colour but I do love teal. It's probably one of my favourite colours, even though I don't tend to wear it a lot. I think it goes well with my skin tone and the metallic fabric really makes the dress a statement piece. I chose to accessorise with a quite minimal bag, with a snake skin fabric, to mix up the textures of the outfit and some plain court shoes. Similarly, my make up is pretty natural with a light pink lipstick by Arbonne. 

Outfit #4: Risky 

dress - hand-me-down 

I wouldn't usually say that a marbled grey shift dress was 'risque' but look at the back... it's so pretty but sooo god damn low. It's safe to say that I used 'ass-tape', this is basically 'tit-tape' stuck on your bootay, which is what I did so that my bum wasn't on show for everyone on my street to see. For someone who doesn't like their back, I really do love backless dresses haha... 

Outfit #5: Monochrome

dress - Primark

Everyone knows I love the colours black and white and so monochrome is basically my favourite thing ever. This dress is perfect and it's based on the 'illusion dress' by Stella McCartney but hella cheap in comparison and created the illusion of an hourglass shaped body even on the boyish of figures (nicely demonstrated by yours truly). I opted for a bright red clutch and red lips to add a little splash of colour to my otherwise monochrome look.

Now, here's how I looked for my own leaver's do. I did my own make up (I used Mac's Heroine on my lips for a pop of colour and also did a purple, brown and black smoky eye. You can see my inspiration on my pinterest) and bought the stunning dress from Solace London via ASOS. The brand does the most perfect dresses for almost any occasion, whether it is prom, a birthday, a wedding or even just a night out and the quality of the garments are great, definitely what you're paying for as each dress is around £100. 

G xxx

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