Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I've got eyes on the back of my... dress

jumper - Zara, dress - Choies, boots - eBay

I've seen this dress everywhere so I wasn't going to get it from Zara even though I love the print. Fortunately, I was browsing on Choies, one of my favourite shops at the moment to pick up a bargain (especially if something is a bit pricey in Zara, as they usually have great dupes), and managed to bag this dress for $13 which makes out to be just over £7 so I physically couldn't say no. 

For me, being a poor little sixth former and being unable to afford real Kenzo, I think this dupe/fabric is absolutely great. Hopefully soon I'll be able to afford the real deal but for now, Choies will have to do!

G xxx

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