Monday, 28 October 2013

Girl get down in London town.

shirt - H&M (old), belt - Primark, shorts - vintage, wasitcoat - Zara, shoes - Office

I wanted to a post of me in my new pink goodies in order to make a logically link between this post and the last BUT the weather won't let me take nice photos. Therefore, I'll be posting this instead. Since I was supposed to go down to London on monday, but my train terminated in Newark Northgate because of overhead problems and so I was unable to go AND I was supposed to go today but the 'storm' (which is pathetic and pretty unnoticeable in Leeds where it's always grey and gloomy) has meant that all trains are cancelled, I thought I'd do a post about London and what I do when I'm down there.

Ok, so London is where I am supposed to live. I'm sure that in my past life, I lived in London and my current self is travelling there quite a few weekends to experience the culture and live as my past life did (or something like that... maybe I just like London because I love busy cities haha!) Anyway, this was the outfit I wore to London maybe 2 weeks ago... I can't really remember now. The weather outside may look dreary but these were taken in the morning before the train and I promise you that I looked up the weather forecast in London and the sun was shining. In fact, that day... the weather was glorious and I kinda regretted wearing black. However, I think I'm getting used to wearing black in the sweltering weather because I wear it so damn often! 

My trip to London was to visit a university for an open day. I really loved the university, the course, the building, everything was incredible! I am so looking forward to being a fashion student (hopefully!) haha, onwards and upwards! I was the only one who was by myself, without parents which was kind of funny and awkward at the same time, the lady at the reception even asked where my parents were but I'm reasonably independent and love travelling through London alone, because I feel like I can get so much more done in the small amount of time I'm there. 

After the open day, I went to the V&A and looked around the general exhibitions, which are amazing... it's just unfortunate I didn't have more time to look at them all in more detail. I went to the Japanese and Chinese exhibitions first because I find their cultures the most exciting and contrasting from our own. My textiles project from last year was concentrated on the Asian cultures (focusing mostly on China and Japan, coincidentally) and so it felt like something that I could learn more about and do more research on for my own personal fun! Then, I looked at the general fashion area of the V&A which was going through the eras of fashion, which was interesting as I was reading The Chronology of Fashion at the same time (so it coincided quite well)! After I had a looksie at those exhibitions, I went to the exhibitions I booked tickets for, Pearls and Club to Catwalk (my favourite of the two). Two amazing exhibitions if I must say so myself and I would love to show you pictures of them but it was no cameras! But I'll do my best to explain them: 


This exhibition was about the origin of the pearl and how it became so sought after, showing the pearls in their natural form. The exhibition then showed the transformation of pearls within jewellery throughout the ages. It was absolutely beautiful to see all the jewellery that the queens and the decorations the king have worn over the years and it really came in handy with a specific part about Coco Chanel, who I'm researching for my EPQ. It also showed modern uses of pearls and how they are extracted etc. For anyone interested in jewellery, accessories or nature's beautiful pearl itself... I'd really advise you to go see this exhibition!

Club to Catwalk

For someone who's more keen on fashion than jewellery, this was my favourite show out of the two. It was a wonderful array of outfits designed by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, John Galliano, Betty Jackson and so many more, going through each stage of club attire from New Romantic to Glam Fetish to Punk. I honestly can't explain how amazing this exhibition is mainly because of the variety of different outfits and eras... it would take me a year to write and this post is long enough now! Honestly, whether you love fashion or not, I think this is an amazing exhibition to see just to make yourself aware of the culture in London in the past! Incredible.

This has been a long post (for me), so I'll wrap it up here!

Have any of you being to these exhibitions? I'd love to know your opinions!

G xxx

ps. don't look at the colour of my legs... I am so pale at the moment (nothing wrong with being pale, I just don't suit it!) and I hate fake tan so I have to wait until Christmas for my holiday in order to get a tan!... and my shorts are so weirdly placed in the last picture. I didn't have a camel toe walking around LDN I promise haha!


  1. ah your style is so cool. Edgy but still chic. I am in love with those shorts, i wish I had the legs to wear them! Mega envy over here!

    Kassie -

    1. Thanks sweetie! I'm sure you do silly! X