Friday, 5 July 2013

The Origami Skirt

When I first saw this skort on the Zara website, I fell in love. However,when I tried it on even the extra small was too big because I wanted the skort to be high waisted so I decided against the purchase. It wouldn't leave my mind though. After seeing this skort on multiple equally skinny bloggers sitting on their hips I gave in and bought the skirt. I hadn't seen anything else like it except from when I was researching into origami from my previous textiles exam, but now, after seeing the popularity of them so many skirts/skorts are about which are similar and a lot cheaper! You can pick them up on eBay for as low as £3.98! So have a look!

I've literally not had this skirt off since I bought it, just after my exams finished and instead of doing lots of separate posts with each outfit including the skort. I thought I'd include some of the different way's I've worn it!

Here I've gone for the laid back look and just paired it with a plain t-shirt and a chunky necklace.

(excuse the messy room! If you follow my instagram (gracemellor) you'll have already seen this outfit!)

shoes - Topshop via, skort - Zara, t-shirt - GAP, necklace - Mum's

I kind of dressed up a little bit more on this one, I was going out with a friend. This is still casual but a little bit more formal that just a big baggy t-shirt...

shoes - Topshop via, skort - Zara, blouse - Primark, blazer - market

I went full athletic style with this last one, ages ago I bought this vest from a vintage shop in Leeds for a fancy dress party but I love it so paired it with my new skort.

shoes - primark, skort - Zara, vest - Blue Rinse

I also love my two new pairs of shoes (well not so new anymore..) which feature in this post. I had never bought anything off but had seen other thrifty bloggers use it so I thought "why not? I may as well give it a shot" and so bought these beautiful originally Topshop cut out boots which I lusted over in the store. The post and package was cheap and the shoes looked brand new even though I had saved about £30! They came quickly and I honestly can't fault ! I thought I'd give you guys a heads up to check them out because they have a huge selection of clothes and accessories and what's the point in spending extra money when there's no need?

And the pair of red heels are so Zara-esque but only cost me £12!! I just missed out on the black pair too! Apparently they had sold their last size 5 about 10 minutes before I came searching! Oh well...

Comment if you have outfits with this skort, I'd love to see how other's style it!!

G xxx


  1. You look lovely Grace! I tried on this skort but it just didn't suit me, so envious that you can pull it off! :P xxx

  2. Grace you look absolutely stunning as usual! You have such a gorgeous tan too! Love the red on red with the heels and the top.

    Hope all is well!

    Love Em xx

    1. Aw thank you Em! You too! I heard you have an exciting new event idea, can't wait to hear the plans! Xx

  3. Hi!

    Did you wear them on your hips or altered them to be on your waist? :)


    1. hi I wear them on my hips!! I'm quite small and this is an XS. They don't fit on my waist unfortunately!X