Monday, 29 July 2013

Murad UK's 4th of July Celebration

I have finally found the time to write to you about the fabulous Murad event I went to 2 days before I went to the South of France! I met up with the lovely Laura from Heroine in Heels and later met the lovely Gemma. The event, being held by a large L.A. based company on Independence day, had a brilliant 4th of July theme and we were spoilt with wine and obviously... cupcakes (it wouldn't be a blogging event without them!), as well as a free facial, face scan and a little blogger treat to celebrate the first UK store, out of London which can be found in my home town - Leeds (House of Fraser)! 

jacket - H&M, crop top - Topshop, trousers - Primark, shoes - Topshop via, bag - H&M

I managed to try their products before, back when I was suffering mildly from acne which really affected my self confidence. I was pleasantly surprised by the products supplied by a cosmeceutical company which I hadn't particularly heard of before but my grandmother forced me to try. That 'cosmeceutical company' happened to be Murad and did miracles for my skin and now I have much better skin! So when I was invited to this event, I couldn't wait to go and show my appreciation as well as try some new products!

First me and the girls pondered around the new products snapping away and getting some advice from the lovely people there, like Zooey and Sarah. We then got an interesting talk about the ethics and morals of the company as well as the history of Dr. Murad and a little insite to the products that we were going to receive in our blogger goodie bags! 

Dr Murad is both a dermatologist and a pharmacist and wants the best for your skin in the long run! He's one of a kind and has 18 patents making him 'a leading visionary in the fields of skincare and dermatology'. So I couldn't recommend his products more! You can find out more about the skincare range which is perfect for you and some of the things we learnt from the Murad website (click here) and if  you have any questions about any products, feel free to ask and I'll drop an email to Sarah to let you know any answers!

 After the little talk and receiving our brilliant goodie bag (post up soon!!), I headed back upstairs and I had a face scan by Rachel who told me exactly what I should be doing and not doing with my skin in order to reduce redness, dryness and stop the majority of my break outs! I've never done anything like this and was extremely nervous for the outcome but Rachel made me feel very comfortable and happy in my skin and gave me a prescription for the products that would help me the most! 

After the face scan, I had a cheeky facial at the very end since I was the last one standing! It was so soothing and definitely worth getting the bus home fresh-faced for!!

Hope all the americans (and any other nationality that celebrate Independence day) enjoyed 4th of July even though it was ages ago now!! 

What did you all do for Independence day? Have any of you tried any Murad products?

G xxx

ps. all photo's are taken from Heroine in Heels! 

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