Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The classic shirt

Jeans - Topshop, belt - Sue Ryder, shirt - Zara, rings - Pandora/Topshop, sunglasses - Primark, shoes - Kurt Geiger

This shirt was actually my mums and it has been in a large bag to sell FOREVER! When we actually went through it to make sure we were certain we wanted to sell it all, I found lots of things that my mum had recently put in there that I had never seen before including this shirt! The shirt is such a nice, good quality material and I really love the feel and it of it so it would have been such a waste to sell it and for me to buy one similar later! I've been dying for a nice stripy shirt for a while now! They look smart and you can wear them just as a safe outfit while popping to the shops with jeans! 
Ideally, in the future, when I have time I will make these jeans look a bit more roughed up ripping them at the knees and adding a few more tears here and there! Then they'll look a little bit better!
I have no idea what to wear tomorrow to the Pretty Little Thing event, which I can't wait for by the way!!

G xxx


  1. Aw you look gorgeous ! good job you had a second look through ! You should wear this for the event today ! looks lush :) see you later lovely xoxo

    1. Aw thanks! I've decided on another outfit :) but thank you !! See you later xxx

  2. I love this outfit! Its great :)