Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Beauty Review: Ilah eyebrow kit*

Although I am mainly a fashion blog, I am a big beauty lover and so I am doing my first beauty review! At the #northmeetup (see my post about it here), there was many companies including Ilah. The Ilah team were very helpful and friendly and let me know that I was the 'perfect New York', they also did my eyebrows for me with the kit I was kindly given in my goodie bag! After I had a recent eyebrow disaster - in which the eyebrow technician waxed my eyebrows horribly and completely not in the shape which 1) I wanted 2) suited my face - I was left with eyebrows which were thin and I didn't really like them therefore, I often coloured them in (which hardly ever match symmetrically). 

Therefore, Ilah's eyebrow travel kit is perfect. Not only is it packaged nicely (which is always something which draws me to a product) it is also very compact, which is extremely handy. The pack comes with 3 different eyebrow shapes - New York, London and Paris in order to colour in eyebrows in a perfect shape. This allows you to get the perfect shape eyebrow in a matter of seconds and it lasts for up to 24 hours (semi-permanent is a slight twist of marketing)! There is also 3 different colours of colouring to suit different colours of eyebrows. The little clear pot of gel on the right is to apply before the powder so that the powder appears darker and stays on the eyebrow for longer and the white at the top of the middle powder circle should be applied beneath the eyebrow after applying in order to highlight and contour the eyebrows giving you the PERFECT eyebrows! Perfect. 

As you can tell from below, the Ilah eyebrow kit makes my eyebrows look a lot fuller without looking bushy (like the famous Cara eyebrows - which in my opinion are p e r f e c t) and slightly darker! I'm absolutely in love! 



This product is obviously not permanent (nothing ever is!) and so obviously this product is not the only thing able to give you the perfect eyebrows but maintaining your eyebrows with plucking/waxing and using this product would create a much better world... eyebrows wise. 

The RRP is £29.99 and although I haven't been able to test out the lighter shades, I can tell you it really does do it's job (for me - the darkest shade, and I'm sure for everyone!) so it's definitely worth the money spent! You can purchase it here or at other Ilah stockists.

G xxx

please comment whether you liked this beauty review - it's my first so I don't really know how to go about it! 


  1. never heard of this brand before but i would love to try.. good job! looking forward to your next review!

    xo Sarvin

    1. aw thanks! neither had I until the #northmeetup. It's so refreshing to see new brands and the products that they offer :) x