Monday, 15 April 2013

I'd rather be at Coachella...

Ok, it's THE Monday after Coachella and I have the blues... did I mention that I wasn't even there? Yeah, well now you all know how desperate I am to go. After seeing so many pretty desert pictures with colourful rides and music beating and festival attire it got me dreaming and wishing I was there! Unfortunately.. I have exams (oh the joys!) so there was no chance of me going to Coachella, saying that I can't exactly afford it either! 
I was completely inspired by all the pictures I saw my favourite bloggers upload onto instagram and their summer outfits were to die for! Shorts, dresses, skirts, and the best accessory of all, a tan... what could be better? 
Here's some of the photos that inspired me (non of these photos are mine)

love the cute pineapple print dress!

going to buy these shorts this weekend! YEY 

find glasses like this in the new collection from 

huge fan of neon... 

and studded, aztec leather jackets! Wowee

from one of my favourite blogs - Chriselle 

and my other favourite blogger - Song 

Here's a collection of the clothes that I would take if I went to Coachella (if only!):

1. Paisley shift dress £15 (
2. Red tie die Kimono £15 (
3. Aztec tie belt £29.99 (Zara) 
4. Triple combination tribal necklace £19.99 (Zara) 
5. Short Yellow checkered coat £69.99 (Zara)
6. Printed round sunglasses £16 (Topshop) 
7. Cobalt blue skort £25.99 (Zara)
8. Aztec Stripe Crossbag £28 (Topshop)
9. Printed shift dress £45.99 (Zara)
10. Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.49 (Boots)
11. Dungarees £30 ( NOW £21 WITH CODE 'APRIL30'
12. Japanese floral bandeau bikini £15.99 (Zara)
13. FABLE multi buckle sandals £50 (Topshop)
14. Paisley Dungaree Playsuit £42 (Topshop) 
15. Dior Airflash Foundation £33 (Debenhams)
16. Maybelline Colossal Mascara £7.19 (Boots)
17. Simple Wipes Pack of 25 £3.25 (Boots)

G xxx

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