Thursday, 9 May 2013

BLANX - White Shock formula!*

I have always wanted my teeth whitened but considering I'm 17 and the expense of the teeth whitening procedure, I couldn't. My teeth aren't naturally pearly white, although they're not a horrible colour either so I just thought I could live with it until I got a bit older and could afford it! BUT no need, I received a sample of Blanx's newest teeth whitening formula and the additional UV light that comes with it at the North Meet Up. 

While at the event, a spokes woman for Blanx explained to me how it works. The UV light attaches to the toothpaste and the UV light triggers chemicals in the toothpaste to make the appearance of your teeth whiter. AND IT WORKS ALL DAY! The chemicals, after going through the UV light, can also be triggered by sunlight and other lights which make the appearance of your teeth whiter all day! I've been waiting to do this post to see if it actually worked, and even put off doing the post even though I saw improvements in the first few days of using it. 

I would recommend this product, especially for improved whiteness instantly (within a couple of days) and it's significantly cheaper than teeth whitening! The UV light continues to work for 4 toothpaste equivalents so it's not even necessary to buy the UV light over and over again, decreasing the price further! Although, I still think I will get my teeth whitened when I'm older, until then I will be using this miracle toothpaste! 

The woman also told me that this product was a lot more minty that the last, and I quite enjoy the taste. So, if you've previously tried it but wasn't a fan of the taste, why not give it another shot? 

G xxx

Ps. Sorry for not posting in so long! I wish I could but unfortunately I have exams in 4 days and I'm stressing! I finish in 12 days though so expect more posts!


  1. Teeth whitening is definitely out of budget for most people. Its not too bad considering there are a lot of products on the market to help whiten teeth and a few DIY ventures too. Glad this one worked though. I'll have to look into it :)

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    1. I agree! It worked for me :) I've just finished it and making my mum buy me some more! X

    2. What happens if used under a sun bed do your teeth get ultra white ��