Sunday, 3 March 2013

double tweedy

beanie - ebay jumper - topshop skirt - topshop boots - doc marten bag - zara 

the miracles of Leeds: very sunny, but somehow extremely cold. I'm not sure how but this is the way Leeds works if ever there is sunshine (which is very rare)! I was so excited by the sun that i went out pulled out a skirt and a black vest and went straight outside, being misled by the sun, I thought it was going to be extremely warm outside. I was was still cold. Maybe not as cold as normal, but still... cold. So unfortunately I shuffled back into the house and changed. I was finally the right temperature in my new skirt from Topshop (WITH TIGHTS), my velvet docs, my Topshop jumper and a cute new beanie. I knew how fast the weather in England can change so I went and grabbed a coat just in case. 

It actually got warmer as the day went on and after work I went for drinks with my boyfriend and his friends in Leeds. 

How did you spend your unusually sunny weekend?

G xxx

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