Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Goodies from America

This beauty came in the post yesterday, and if any of you follow me on instagram I'm sure you know - I couldn't help but share this picture, I'm so happy. It's so cute, and actually a lot nicer in person than I thought it would be! When I heard of the bargain in Target ($20!!!) I logged straight onto the target website and put it into my 'basket' but then I realised they wouldn't ship to the U.K. I was so annoyed because it was such a bargain, especially for a Marc Jacobs clutch! But Susie Gibson, a lovely fashion blogger (, offered to buy it for me and send me it! It cost a little bit more because of shipping but still so cheap! I'm thrilled

G xxx

If you don't follow me on instagram, and want to, my name is 'gracemellor' and if you're a fashion blogger, I'll probably follow you back, I like to see everyones style etc! Have a good day! 

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