Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I've been awful and not posted in a whole month and a bit, school work is going crazy so since it's now half term I thought I would do a long awaited post.

I'm not going anywhere exciting this half term so i've been to town a lot and can't help looking at all the new autumn clothes even though I'm supposed to be saving up. The new Topshop in Trinity is absolutely amazing, it's like being in London! But it's Zara's autumn collection that really caught my eye.

I love the dark autumn navy's and red's, they are very this season and the jumper is just incredible! The studs just transform it into such a great, otherwise simple, jumper. I need to go buy it ha! Also, I'm getting slightly obsessed with coats, a bit like my mum, and all these coats are so beautifully made and so tailored! Unfortunately they are a bit out of my price range, my christmas list will be over flowing haha. 

I know this was short and sweet but I will be blogging more soon xxx

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