Friday, 31 August 2012

Festival Style

So last weekend was Leeds Fest and I have only just recovered from the lack of sleep and lack of comfort. I was meant to be going to Bingley Fest but I spent all my money on clothes... not good. I wasn't very - how would I put it - inspired by what people were wearing at Leeds except for on the odd occasion but I do like the festival style and I thought I would post some of my favourite outfits. Although, some people complain that having a 'Festival what-not-to-wear' is silly and you should just have fun and watch your favourite music and not worry about things like that - you could always watch music in style!!

I love the kimono, there is a very similar one in Topshop that I want and I like the crochet bra. The shorts are a must so if you don't own a pair, GET THEM. 
The little cut out bits are so sweet. I have a dress similar to this, from Primark actually, except the cut outs are at the top. I love the simplicity of a white dress, but be careful at a festival, especially at Leeds, it's very muddy.

Just realised that I love the crochet vests... I NEED one.

I'm in love with the shoes, the orange jacket and the white dress. The hat is also very festivaly and I have about 3 at home! 

Floppy hat in my opinion looks good but can imagine it getting so annoying when trying to see your favourite bands. For walking around though, I like it. Cowboy boots are a fashionable way of walking yet I went with the whole wellies idea... much more sensible when it comes to English weather. I think I'm obsessed with white dresses.

Again, a white dress. Perfect. 

(all pictures off Tumblr) 

comment your favourite looks or email me pictures :) xxxx

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