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My 'Go-To' Bloggers

I thought I'd write a little bit of a different post, one I've not done before.Unfortunately, I have lots of work to do as my course finishes in 3 weeks and so I don't really have the time to do any outfit/style posts and I haven't got the time to do a detailed account of any of my recent travels (they'll be coming after May the 5th, my deadline) and I wanted to break up my collection review posts. As I'm in dire need of some inspiration, especially for my work... I thought I'd give you all some inspiration and show you my go-to bloggers. These are the bloggers I check out daily, whether that be their blog or their Instagram or their twitter. All of which I'll link below. Let me make this clear, I love looking at a LOT of bloggers - it is where I get my main inspiration from (not all of it obviously), but this is just the main bloggers that I am in love with. They're the ones who inspired me to create my own and continue to inspire me to continue when I feel like giving up the blog. So if one of you sees this (an extremely thin chance haha), thank you!

Danielle, the founder of WeWoreWhat (which actually began as a trio if I remember correctly?) was the first blogger I ever followed, as well as Alice Point (I look at this blog less religiously now, but I've linked it anyway - it's still fabulous). She lives the life that I want. Blogging daily from the great streets of New York, her style is effortlessly cool. There is not an outfit that I don't like. She has quite a masculine style, preferring trousers and dungarees to skirts - or at least in the beginning of her blogging days. She has developed a liking for girly things, as long as there is a definite masculine edge to it. She mixes high street pieces with designer pieces.

(all photos are from her blog)

Not only blogger crush, but ultimate girl crush too. I've seen her being called IDressMyselff, PrettySickly, Yanin Namasonthi and Bee... it gets a little confusing but they're all the same great girl and I would definitely encourage you to follow on all her handles as they all have something a little different to offer. I've been following her from the very start, you are missing out if you're not already. Even though YouTube, which I don't usually use to follow bloggers, she seems like such a lovely and genuine girl, so I take the time to watch them. I'm never disappointed whether they're hauls or lookbooks. Yanin is the blogger that actually motivated me to make my own blog. Initially just to record my outfits for myself, and then I recently have decided to actually promote my blog, she kind of boosted me to begin in the first place and motivated me to promote it too. 

Her style slays. I love everything she wears. Her style changes from time to time, occasionally throwing a dress or a sweet girly skirt into the mix but generally, she sticks to loose, oversized and laid back style - similar to mine, probably why I love her so much.

She's currently in L.A. so first off, definitely check out her instagram! Your wanderlust will be burning! 

(all photos are from her blog)

I found out about this beauty by following Yanin's Instagram. I love her posts, they look slightly more like editorials than other's, something which I love! Natalie's style is a mix between feminine and masculine. I check her Instagram daily but her blog is also killer. Definitely check her out. 

(all photos are from her blog)

Too Much is not Enough

Initially following Hannah Whiting on just Instagram, but after doing a bit of a stalk of her profile, I checked her bio and realised she had a blog - I had no idea how I had missed it! So that was also an instant follow. Her minimal and laid back style oozes class in each and every way. Her style is 'on fleek' haha. 

(all photos are from her blog)

I began following 'BasicsByMorgan' on Instagram, much like 'Too Much is not Enough'. Her impeccable feed made me which she'd make a blog and my wish came true when she finally began to create an actual blog. I love it and it'll definitely be as 'to-go' as her Instagram is. Her style is a dream and I can't wait for more blog posts from Morgan. 

(all photos are from her blog)

A Fashion Fix

I only recently started following Hannah Crosskey, the beautiful bride-to-be. I can't believe I hadn't stumbled upon her blog or her Instagram before but I'm so glad that I've finally found it. I need her wardrobe (and her puppy). I've just realised that everyone I'm promoting has a very similar style, but it's very similar to my own so I hope y'all don't mind! 

(all photos are from her blog)

Erika Bowes

Another one of my ultimate style and girl crushes. I've also followed her blog, Instagram, twitter - you name it - from the very beginning. She was another blogger who inspired me to begin my journey as a blogger. 

(all photos are from her blog)

Micah Gianneli

Unfortunately due to the photos being Micah's property I was unable to attach some photos from her blog but it's amazing and I would really recommend checking out her blog or Instagram. It only takes a click, so even though you can't see a preview. Just click one of these links! You will not be disappointed. Not only is she one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, but her style in incredible. Her style is one of the only different one in this post. Her style is fierce and powerful rather than laid back, and I love it just the same, which is unusual for me - proving just how great her outfits are. 

Instagram / Twitter / BlogLovin Tumblr / Pinterest Facebook

I Am Charlotte Martin

I feel like I'm being repetitive and repeating the same thing for each blogger haha but Charlotte's laid back sport luxe style is so perfect. I mean, she could wear a bin bag and look great but her style is amazing so she ticks both boxes. She's also extremely amusing, I'd definitely suggest following her twitter. 

(all photos are from her blog)

Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr  / BlogLovin

I've thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoy this post too and enjoy the sharing of love. I feel like in blogging, a lot of people get slated, either by outsiders who claim that we're 'vain' or 'self-absorbed' or just claim other random things to spread hate. Even worse when it's fellow bloggers. This is my little input it attempting to cancel out any hate that I have ever received.

Have a nice day everyone! Check out these blogs!

Gee x 

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  1. These blogs are all amazing picks! And some I actually haven't heard of before so was a lovely treat to find some more exciting blogs to follow!

    Thanks for giving me a follow on bloglovin - I am a fashion design student so love your content and have followed back. Cant wait to see more!

    Laura xx ( xxxx