Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Joseph - LFW

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I've always been a fan of Joseph, much in the same way I've always been a fan of The Row. The simple, oversized, minimal feel of every collection they present is just dreamy and fits very well with the aesthetics I want to portray with my style. The Row killed it at New York (see my review of The Row here) and this was my other anticipated show, one of the most anticipated for me for LFW.  The first thing I want to say about this collection is that I would happily wear everything from this collection. Louise Trotter, the creative director of Joseph, stated that "It's a personal thing. I wanted to be cocooned and protected, and [wanted] things to feel very organic and soft. It's probably going against a lot of things that felt austere. I wanted things to feel cozy and familiarity was important. For a lot of the fabrics, we were looking at blankets, and I took a lot of old blankets and worked them into the collection, so the cuts are very, very simple." The materials, made up of fabrics that usually wouldn't have been used in high fashion, included mainly natural fabrics, wools, furs and silks created the perfect start to this collection, only exaggerated by the beautiful neutral colour palette of ecru, beige, grey and khaki. They all come together in the most beautiful oversized, draped & layered ensembles where silks and knitwear complimented each other. Trotter also said "as always, I look to the opposite of things, so I also did a lot of work on what the contrast of that [soft femininity] is. I discovered this amazing sculptor Robert Morris. His work was incredibly feminine even though it was made out of industrial felt and that was the idea of this deconstructed femininity. That was kind of the thing that I was going back to, something that felt deconstructed and quite masculine but then something that felt incredibly feminine. Those two things really drove the collection – the hardness of felt against the softness of the silks and cashmeres.”

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