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Marques Almeida - LFW

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Marta Marques, one of the halves which makes up Marques Almeida (the other half being Paulo Almeida) "I was trying to work out a way to describe it to everyone after the show, we're just embracing it," and she followed by describing the collection as "wacky." Asides from the denim which is their trademark, especially with the more approachable collection in collaboration with TopShop recently which featured only cool and stylish denim pieces. Don't get me wrong, these ensembles look fab in my opinion. Layering up on oversized double, or even triple, denim; fraying in every direction with cut outs, buckles and asymmetric finishes. According to Marques, “It has that realism that we look for, that lived-in feeling – like the pieces have been through something," meaning this collection was perfectly portraying their ideasThey pushed the boat out and strayed away from standard blue wash denim too though in this collection, dying their denim salmon pink, adding fur, block colour knits and metallic leathers into the mix and also, ensembles made out of brocade fabric, detailed with panels of Swarovski crystals. This collection was still as youthful as ever and added something new which you might have not seen in previous seasons from Marques Almeida. 

The inspiration for this collection was the 90's, and the duo researched into old copies of 'The Face' - a magazine for typical 'cult style'. “We did a lot of research into the 90s, so there were a lot of shoots that we had as a reference we would go back to, including one by Corinne Day with Rosemary Ferguson in some metallic trousers,” explained Marques. “It was a lot about those shoots where you would have these really expensive garments with a wrecked sofa,” added Paulo Almeida. 

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