Saturday, 11 April 2015

1205 - LFW

(all photos from Vogue)

I was so excited to see this show, the simplicity of 1205 has constantly been an inspiration for my own style recently as well as some other minimalistic designer brands such as the Row etc but originating from London and founded by a former Saville Row tailor, I felt like for my first official show, this was definitely the best one it could be. The show took place in The Conservatory of the Barbican, one of the most amazing venues I could ever imagine. The Conservatory was warmer than expected, warmed by the large beaming orange heaters as you first entered where you were able to pick up an array of drinks of your choice. The venue was surrounded by beautiful, exotic tropical plants which were so leafy it was like a tumblr dream. You can't imagine the sheer amount of images I took of just the venue, before the collection even came down the catwalk. We were then lead up the stairs and sat down on the benches. I was shocked at the amount of cameras at the end of the catwalk - I wasn't surprised as I knew the amount of photographs that would have to be taken of the collection but I didn't expect that amount. 

Paula Gerbase, the designer and founder for 1205, consistently strives for an androgynous (or perhaps unisex?), simple and aesthetically pleasing collection whilst delivering equally on craftsmanship and the skills behind the fabrication of the garments. The collection mainly featured my favourite colours as the colour palette, especially for for my personal style, being black, cream, white, navy and an array of greys. It also featured a seasonally appropriate deep green colour. On the benches, for each person was a little card with material samples on it which helped as you could imagine the textures and the weights of each fabric which allowed the audience to understand the way that the fabric falls and flows on the body. My favourite fabric was the grey alpaca bouclé material. The knitwear was definitely my favourite aspect of this collection, along with the boiler suits but the juxtaposition between the heavy and thick but sleek knitwear and the thin and flowing starched cotton-voile dresses of the white and black ensembles was quite nice. There was a military uniform feel to the majority of the collection which emphasised the androgynous sense, only enhanced by the cropped trousers and the masculine shoes. The cuts of the fabrics were perfect, allowing oversized, yet proportionally correct lengths and these longer lengths elongated the silhouette. The last thing I'm going to mention is the beautiful and dainty, simple circular accents which were a detail used on mainly the knitwear which gave a fragile spin on the chunkier pieces.

Gee x


  1. What an austere collection! I'm not sure I like it despite its elegance. Hope you'll stop by sometimes and keep in touch if you like my blog! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

    1. It's all to do with opinions! I appreciate yours. It might not be to everyones cup of tea. Personally, I love it! I'll check out your blog now! Thank you for reading. x