Tuesday, 24 March 2015

J.S.Lee - LFW

(all photos courtesy of Vogue.co.uk)

Inspired for collection by her childhood and the memory of her mother hand-stitching her garments, Jackie Lee stated that "She would make clothes for us and there are pictures of me with messy hair and dirty clothes from playing outside. Those pictures and memories were the starting point - and inspiration for the sportier details." and followed up by saying "I'd like to describe this woman as a bit different and on the eccentric side. She has tomboyish characteristics but as a woman she has a feminine sensitivity, which she brings to her work". 

Lee's consistency with minimalism has given way to a more sassy and playful collection this season whilst also complimenting her previous style. The sophistication evident in the collection and the minimalism colour palette (except for a few ensembles in yellow and pink), pay homage to her love of minimalism whilst the use of Mongolian Lambswool details played to her inspiration, being reminded of her  childhood Korean winters and the fuzzy earmuffs she wore. 

Lee stated that this collection was all about the 'shadow of the greys' and that is the thing I loved about the collection, the sheer about of different grey hues. I'll be living in grey next Autumn, just you watch. My other favourites were the lengthy rib knit dresses with extended sleeves and high necks and my all time favourite was the elastic string ruching which was a feature on many of the ensembles and evidently influenced by her mother's stitching. 

Bravo Lee.

Gee x


  1. Loving one block colour outfits these days! Anything with a strong silhouette is also good! X

    Taylor Swift style steel on the blog-

    1. Completely agree with you on that one. Such a strong collection. Thanks for reading. x