Thursday, 19 February 2015

Misha Nonoo - NYFW

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According to a interview Nonoo took part in, "the inspiration this season was an incredible Tracey Emin show I saw in London called 'The Last Adventure Is You.' It was particularly amazing and moving to me, I think, as a woman, because her whole philosophy behind it was almost an epiphany of love and the self. She started out the project thinking it would be about somebody else, whether that was a family member, or a lover, or something like that, but realised after creating the show that it's actually about herself. There's this unbelievable sense of optimism about that message. I think being comfortable and confident in yourself really the first step as a woman towards attracting anything else in your life."

The slick tailoring and oversized loose fit knitwear gave an elegant feel to this collection. The print was inspired by the markings made my Emin and the simplistic and elongated silhouettes resemble Emin's simple but beautiful art. 

My favourite parts of the collection: the elongated sleeves (no more cold hands!), plunging V-necks, knitwear co-ords and loose fit trousers.  

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