Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Splash or Save?

Dress - choies.com, hat - via. Morocco, shoes - River Island

So I had seen this dress in Zara (a few seasons agon now though) and was going to buy myself it when I realised it was £70 ish (can't remember the exact price) which I think is a bit over priced for a plain shift dress, especially since at the time I wasn't working so I was devestated. A few days after that, I was scrolling around the Choies.com website (if you have never been on it... DO. So many great bits at bargain prices!) and found this, which is basically identical but from what I remember, it's a different material. I managed to bag this for about $20 I think, maybe less, so it was a hell of a lot cheaper than Zara's! 

Although this dress isn't my usual style, I've never really been into shift dresses (until now, clearly) and I usually wear very dark, minimal colours or white, I decided to buy it in order to persuade a little colour into my wardrobe, I think it works well as the dress is still predominantly black and white and it's not a very girly shaped dress. I really like this dress and SO glad I saved off on buying the Zara one!

Gee xxx

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  1. Definitely my kind of style/look.
    Looking gorgeous, dear. Colours are so alive and sandals are to die for.
    Congrats !
    Love, Diana