Saturday, 3 January 2015

Caribbean: Barbados

After being the Caribbean a few times already in my life I must say that Barbados is one of my favourite Islands. I mean, they're all beautiful but there's just something about Barbados which seriously appeals to me. Over the course of the trip I went there twice because we ended our holiday there too but I still feel like I haven't explored it nearly enough. I would love to return and explore the Island properly!

On our first morning we went to a beach nearby and played on some of the water sports things such as the big red chair you can see above - 15 minutes of pure laughter honestly (even the adults agreed). I was kind of hoping someone would get thrown off it though which they didn't! 

After that we went swimming with wild turtles which was an amazing experience even though there was only 1 turtle. It wasn't exactly what I imagined as last time I went swimming with wild animals in the Caribbean, it was stingrays and there was what seemed to be thousands of them so I had my hopes set high I was a little disappointed at the no-show but this turtle was friendly and clearly photogenic so I was happy. Hopefully next time I take part in this adventure, there will be more! 

One problem about Barbados and the Caribbean Islands in general I find is that there are so many people attempting to get your business and hassling you that sometimes you just want to scream - the thousands upon thousands of taxi drivers for example. On the beaches, there are people who are always offering their particular services/goods (which are almost always the exact same as everyone else's) and although sometimes you can feel like you're being pestered, they are just trying to make a living and some of the guys can actually work to your favour. We made friends with a guy called "Spider" (a.k.a. SpiderMan due to the fact he had tattoos of spiders all over his face/head) and he did 4x beers for $10 which really isn't bad at all and his mum was the chef at the local restaurant so instead of going to the restaurant and paying $15 for a meal we paid $10 and ate it on the beach (which I actually preferred). The food was all local and absolutely delicious. There was a choice between spicy sauce, BBQ sauce or jerk sauce but I tried them all and they were all very tasty and they all came with side portions of "pasta pie" (basically baked mac and cheese), salad and rice with a tasty sauce on it. The other dishes we got were also local cuisine but were goat meat or seafood but with similar sauces. SO yummy. I'd definitely suggest checking out local foods (DON'T stay safe and go for Western foods, you'll miss out!)

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  1. Barbados is definitely a very beautiful island - the Caribbean sea has the best hue of blue!