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NYFW: 4th September

I know it's a few days late, but here are my favourite collections from Thursday and why... do you agree with me? 

Nicholas K

3 words can describe this fabulous show. Khaki, texture, safari. That is all. New York based sibling pair, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz began NYFW... and what a start it was. This was no doubt my favourite show of the day, for multiple reasons. 

For starters, I'm a huge fan of texture and the layering of textures. I believe that mixing textures gives an outfit life and something like another dimension. The collection included brown and black leather bumbags, and as you see below, the odd outfit had a hint of leather that shines through, whether it be half leg leggings, a jacket or a panel on a dress. It also included pony hair tassels attached to belts and bracelets, draped fabric, chunky beaded necklaces and the mixture of metallic and matte materials. The designers used the idea of layering of different shades of the same colour, or different colours to make the idea of texture even more important. 

Secondly, the material itself was draped beautifully around the body of the model, creating new silhouettes and allowing the fluidity of the silks and various other fabrics to capture the eyes of the audience. Also, due to some of the materials being metallic, they glimmer differently in the lights and as the model walks which is also like another texture in my opinion.  

Lastly, the palette of colours and prints of the materials that the duo used are just amazing. Olive and khaki, black and cream where the majority of colours used but a few of the black garments were paired with the most beautiful turquoise colour which gave a lovely pop of colour to the otherwise relatively dark collection. 

What just perfected the collection was the kick-ass eyewear provided by Julbo. Want to get my hands on some (or most likely, a pair of look-a-likes!) 

Bravo Kunz. 

Richard Chai Love and Mens

One thing I liked about this runway show was that it previewed both the female's S/s 15 collection as well as the male's collection and yet, they meshed together and complimented each other so well even though it is quite rare. Richard Chai, a Manhattan based designer, sent his models down the runway in a collection that ranged in textures, colours and prints, from royal blue silks to burgundy pin striped shorts, all of which made quite the impact when paired together. The mix-match effect of the different prints etc shouldn't work... but it does. 

The collections are both rather versatile and could even be called unisex in my opinion, as the feminine pieces are the perfect mixture between feminine and masculine giving quite an androgynous feel to the LOVE collection. 

Another thing I liked was the long layering. I have noticed it in a few collections this season and according to NYFW, it's here to stay whether it be light material over another light material or heavy duty thick black jackets over royal blue silk vests. It is for sure definitely a trend I'm going to try, especially during the winter months when layering is essential. Warm & stylish - perfect combo. 

With regard to trends that are here to stay... Culottes look like they're here to stay too. Maybe, this season culottes will be arriving in an array of colours too a la Chai. 

In any case, I would say that Mr. Chai's 10 year anniversary show was a huge success. 

Tadashi Shoji

According to Shoji himself, the collection is a "juxtaposition of power and the feminine". As you all know if you keep up with my instagram updates, I recently visited Venice and so I was really fascinated by this collection. Venice was by far my favourite city (as you will get to know when I write my post about it, eventually) due to the beautiful architecture, which is reiterated by the fine lace. According to an article I read, Shoji is a "history buff" who has read up on 15th century Venice and his collection reflects that with the use of golds, whites and baroque type patterns which he said represents the "golden house" and the "Grand Canal at sunset".

His collection was a mixture of floor length, lace gowns, capes and cocktail dresses with the occasional garment having chain mesh or sheer tulle inserts at the waist, cleavage or collarbone area. 


Tome's S/S 15 collection is full of 'the shades' as I call them (the blacks, whites and greys) with beiges, golds and pastel sky blues making a couple of appearances. With a feminine feel to the whole collection, there are also a couple a masculine pieces in the mix with the to-die-for sleeveless trench coat dress with a unique white lapel and boxy tee's giving a sophisticated feel. 

I don't want to repeat myself but I'm going to have to - textures. Whether it be a laser cut shirts with sheer lace skirts or a scalloped lace top with a pleated skirt, the mixing of textures is always present and I LOVE IT. 

Marissa Webb

According to a source, this collection by Webb mixes “hard and soft, masculine and feminine, East and West.” and whether it be black or white or even a bold print, fluid silks, laser cut cotton or more heavy duty material, there really is a mixture of every style. 

One thing I noticed about this collection in general is the length of many of the garments because occasionally the hem stops towards the mid calf to heel section of leg in an asymmetrical way and I had a sudden love for it, especially with the slits which makes it easy to move in. 
The first outfit, as a whole, is incredible in my opinion. Absolutely perfect.

Also, aren't those trench inspired dresses the coolest things ever? Definitely will be looking for a look-a-like on the high street or I might give it a go at making one! All I know is I want one haha. 

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