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LFW: 12th September

Home town LDN (Well... home county). I'm aware I'm a whole city late but it's so hard to keep up with all my posts (not necessarily keeping up to date with the shows but writing the posts!) at the moment as I've just started college and whenever I'm not at college, I'm working (can I get a woop woop for getting my first ever proper job working at Reiss! Yeeey) so I'm sorry but I really am trying to keep y'all up to date on my favourites from each day at 'Le Londres'. 

This is why September is so exciting, I do love Autumn... for many reasons! Even though I was not down in London, I felt the hype all the same and loved every minute of it from my bedroom stalking on, crying into my cereal and imagining myself there in a few years time.

Xiao Li

This collection was big everything. Big belted coats, big sleeves, huge pockets... you name it. The collection focuses most of its pieces on the colour white but there are other colours which feature in the collection, specifically pastel blue details. 

The collection is predominantly focused on zips, in an OTT,  stupidly big, laser cut kinda way and feature on almost every garment.

Ming Pin Tien

This collection is inspired my a novel by the Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro, which is called 'Never Let Me Go' and is based around his own opinions of relationships and love. This is his last collection that will be focused on this theme after plenty of past seasons focusing on the same ideas.

According to an article I read, "Ming focuses his attentions on...understanding the limitations of time we have when we are in love" and that the juxaposition between "softness" (representing the happiness which can come with love) and "rougher constructions" (in order to represent the "bitterness" of death by using a variety of different techniques to demonstrate the contrasting ideas.

I like the clean cut tailoring in this collection and the details and as I must have said a million times before... I L O V E the mixing of textures so as soon as I saw the fringing, knotting and weaving attached to cotton and a skirt with chiffon asymmetrical panels or the raw-edged leather on organic looking materials, I couldn't help but immediately turn into the heart-eyed emoji. 

Amanda Wakeley

When I die and go to heaven (or most likely, hell), I want to wear one of these pieces. It's an all white dream. All the garments in this collection are so clean with a masculine edge to it. 

The collection includes a number of different materials and techniques, going from a silky, slouchy fabric to sheer mesh to chiffon, all in lovely white. All the silhouettes are flattering and lengthy and I would love to work any of them! 

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Braganza stated that his collection expresses "the accidental elegance of industrial design and abstract expressionism, the point where randomness and consideration intersect" and is inspired on the destroyed Detroit. 

What I love most about this collection is the colour palette - dark. Taupe, black, grey hues all feature in this collection as well as a completely different unique colour caused by the use of sheer mesh and black and white prints. This runway show presents a structured and architectural looking collection which is clean cut, using folds as well as precise laser cutting but there are a few decorative details on the excellently tailored garments such as jewelled and beaded shoulder accents and fringing, giving the collection a new and different feel.

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