Saturday, 28 June 2014

"Surprise, bitch"

Top - Primark, jeans - Topshop, shoes - Schuh, bag - Mango

So for those who haven't seen American Horror Story, you won't understand the title of this blog post. Basically the sassy witch, Madison Montgomery, says it after she returns from a long 'absence' (I'm not giving too much away hopefully). Since I've not posted since February due to exam pressure/stress, here's my post that basically says 'I'm back and I'm here to stay'... I'm planning on posting every day of Summer (depending on dodgy wifi in foreign countries) 

Advice tip #1: If you haven't watched AHS... watch it. It's brilliant. 

Everyone knows that I love a good bargain and so when I saw this top in the Primark SALE (who knew it could get any cheaper?!) for just £3 I knew I had to have it, especially since I was going to buy something similar off SheInside which was a little more expensive! Also, I can't get enough of the fish net trend so the mixture of block printed words and the fishnet makes me drool.

My advice tip #2 is for bargain hunters like me: I have been waiting for the perfect monochrome Roshe's to be restocked forever in Office and all the other shoe shops over Leeds and when looking to buy over the internet, I saw that most shops do a 'Youth' version up to size 5 that is basically identical and so that's what I bought instead! The tick is silver rather than white and saving £30... I didn't really mind and I can practically buy another pair with my savings!

G xxx

ps. I created a travel blog but I am going to post my travel posts in here and just tag them so make sure you check out those posts too !

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