Sunday, 16 February 2014


*Updated photos* 

coat - FCUK, shirt - Sophie's (second hand/vintage shop), skirt - Wolford, shoes - L.K. Bennett , bag - L.K. Bennett

 Woah, so I haven't blogged in forever now. But I am back from my long break, well for now. It's been deadline after deadline after deadline for me but now it's my half term and so I will try to blog about a few outfits in between the stacks of work I have been set to do. Today, I went for Sunday lunch at Trio, my local restaurant in Headingley with all of my family. Just went for the standard monochrome outfit but jazzed it up a little with this gorgeous rusted orange coat that I got for my birthday from my lovely friends. I realise that the coat looks no where near rusted orange in this post but if you follow me on twitter (@grace_mellor4) or instagram (@gracemellor) then you will have seen it more clearly. By the time I got home it was pitch black outside and the lighting in the house was not going to play nicely with my new camera (that I got for my birthday - WOOOP. It's waterproof & shatterproof so basically graceproof) and so we took a few snaps on my mums phone instead. *These updated photos are taken on my new camera* 

I've just realised how long it has been since I last blogged, I haven't shown you guys any of my christmas or birthday presents! Well, they should be coming in the next few days in the form of outfit of the day posts! 

I picked up this shirt at a second hand shop yesterday and I have fallen in love. It's a size 4 and she said that so many people had wanted it but couldn't fit into it so KERCHIIING. It's mine now muaha. It's so beautifully made and after lusting for the perfect white shirt for so long, it is much better than any white shirt that I have seen on the high street so I was absolutely thrilled. For all you people who think they're too cool for charity shops or second hand shops... shame on you! You're missing out. 

Hope to be writing for you all soon, apologies if I can't... I have a genuine excuse - work.

G xxx

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