Monday, 4 November 2013

Cage City x Monochrome

1 - silver chain (eBay)
2 - mesh jumper (
3 - leigh jeans (Topshop)
4 - bowler hat (similar here)
5 - black and white contrast fluffy coat (
6 - Celine (similar here)
7 - Senso boots (similar here

So there's a competition which Cage City is hosting in which you chose a favourite from their site - and style it! I love these kind of competitions mainly because I love imagining outfits which I could wear if I had all of the money in the world (if I was a wealthy girllllllll...little snippet from the Queen that is Gwen Stefani!) queue Celine and Senso. However, I do love including eBay and Topshop to ease my bargain-hunting brain and remind myself that I've lived up to now without it so a few more years won't hurt me. 

Anyway, it was absolutely impossible to choose just one garment from the beautiful clothing website. In fact, if I'm being honest.. I had never been on this website before, I only found it because someone retweeted the competition tweet but I've fallen in love. The clothes remind me of the likes of Nasty Gal, and considering the postage cost from Nasty Gal is so expensive, Cage City is an amazing alternate and I think I'll be purchasing a lot from there in the future. After forcing myself to delete the picture of the incredible Masquerade Shirt, Dimension Body Suit and many other items which I'm now lusting after, I was left with the mesh jumper and the to-die-for coat... and I simply couldn't choose between them.

Anyway, this is how I'd style them. I'm still into the whole monochrome trend as you can tell and I never have my trusty black leigh jeans off so they were a definite hell-yeah to the outfit combo. 

Why don't you try this competition? Take a look at their twitter and see the rules, it doesn't have a finishing date yet but get going... AND if you've taken part in this competition, why don't you post your link below and I'll take a look!

G xxx

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