Sunday, 1 September 2013

Insta Update...

dress - H&M, shoes - Dr.Martens

So, as of late I've really gotten into Instagram properly in order to show what I'm wearing etc and I've kind of abused blogging because my brother takes the pictures and he's been away so instagram-ming was simply easier! But I've missed writing posts where I can ramble on, so here goes...

This was the day I went to a picnic in Roundhay Park, it was boiling hot and so the black probably wasn't the best idea because I just attracted sun rays. However, as said in my last post, I've been really into black and all things black so I didn't want to dress any other way.

Here's just some pictures I took for instagram to show you what I was wearing. How sweet is this jumper dress? £10 BARGAIN from H&M in the sale! I bought it in silver too on my mad haul which I will show you in a few posts time (yes, I know I've promised you haul posts in the past and never got round to it but this time I actually will... probably!) 

G xxx

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