Saturday, 13 April 2013

Battle of the hand creme

At the North Meet Up, I was lucky enough to receive 2 different hand creme's. I love hand creme's and they both looked brilliant so I wasn't stuck at which one to open first. Me, being me, opened them both and thought I would see which one was better so that I can help you guys if you're choosing a new hand creme! 

Nourish's Protect Smoothing Hand Lotion smells divine but it's slightly too strong for my liking. I like a subtle fragrance so that I can also wear my favourite perfume without the smell being masked by the hand creme whereas, the citrus smell of orange and mandarin from the Nourish hand creme dominates over other smells. When you apply it to your skin, it sinks in very quickly and the creme is not greasy at all, which can often be a problem I find with moisturisers so that's very good. However, if I'm being honest, for about 10 minutes afterwards my hands felt slightly sticky and uncomfortable, which was weird, even though the hand creme had been absorbed already. Other than that, I can tell you my skin feels softer and more hydrated after use! Another good point about this hand creme which may appeal to some people (especially my family) is that it's 94% organic and has another 1% natural minerals!

Out of them both, I feel that I prefer Arbonne's FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme mainly due to the fact that I favour the subtle smell of it (I would describe it as refreshing and tropical) and also it doesn't leave a sticky feel after applying. A video on the Arbonne website explains that this hand creme works with 'fresh cell technology' and 'extracts the vital cell nutrients' which are 'preserved naturally' within the hand creme in order to 'protect and preserve the skin' (see video here for more information). The vital cell nutrients come from natural products such as fruit and vegetables and this product has no sight of parabons and other nasty products! This hand creme instantly makes my skin feeling fresh and smooth and hydrated after quickly being absorbed by my skin therefore it does exactly what it says on the tin! And just like the Nourish product, it isn't greasy. This product also comes in a little travel size - perfect! This product is slightly more expensive than other hand creams that I have bought in the past, which is my only down side to this product! But who can put a price on young-looking skin?

My hands aren't particularly dry so I wouldn't be able to tell you how well they work if you have a serious problem with dry skin but for someone with 'normal' skin (not trying to sound rude, but they describe them as dry, normal or oily), they certainly do what it says on the packet. I didn't feel like I needed to reapply either of the hand cremes soon after I applied it the first time.

Nourish's Protect Smoothing Hand Lotion* - 12.95 (can be bought here)
Arbonne's Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme* - £19 (can be bought here)

Hope this helped, 

G xxx

ps. have you ever used either of these products before?

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