Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Casual Crochet

hat - Primark, top - eBay, shorts - Miss Selfridge (old), sliders - Adidas, watch - Casio

So when I was in Guadeloupe, I managed to do one summer OOTD which included a beautiful lace up dress, which you can see here but after that, the wifi completely crashed out. It was a struggle to even upload one picture to Instagram, never mind a whole blog post. So, the rest of them are coming... and trust me, there are a lot. 

Anyway, getting onto my outfit. This summer EVERYTHING is about crochet and lace-ups, and I am not complaining... I think crochet is timeless and I can't get enough whether it be monochrome or multicoloured. Rat and Boa do some absolutely stunning bits my favourite being this dress, this two piece and this dress. However, when you can get crochet garments from eBay for just 99p... yeah! Just 99p. HOW CAN YOU RESIST? This top was an absolute bargain. I couldn't believe it. I love it and I'm going to try find it in every single colour... and then the bag, the cardigan, the dress, the skirt etc to match. 

*I've had to alter the link because the original link has been removed from eBay - this version is slightly more expensive that the bralet I purchased but it's the same top 

What is your favourite item of crochet at the moment? 


  1. Beautiful photos, I love this outfit!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading! The sliders are soo comfy!

  3. In envy of your figure!! I got a crochet top from primark and everyone is always asking where its from; love them! I also really want those sliders...hope you had a lovely holiday!

    1. Thank you so much Beckie. I did! Crochet is definitely one of my favourite trends so far! Thank you for reading x